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Language: Haiti DAY 8

By Ian Garrett on February 13, 2012

We have finally crossed a language threshold and are comfortable wandering around on our own, bargaining with vendors and making small talk.

Our freedom really came once I was able to get the hand of riding the motorcycle again in the city and on the less maintained roads near Saka-La-Ka-Wel. This all came to a screeching, literally, when we ended up on a particularly rough road and took a spill with three of us on the motorcycle (people commonly ride up to 5 here!). We all sustained some cuts and bruises, and luckily no one was seriously injured. The bike was left unscathed.

After the spill, we rode a short distance to Reggie’s house/theater/recording studio in Jacmel. (Reggie is a good friend of Desiree’s and is a rasta and an artist.) He fixed us up with some basic first aid and we spent the evening recovering and talking shop about the art scene in Haiti.

When we arrived back at Sake-La-Ka-Wel we were happy to see the electricity was back on and many of the regulars had gathered to watch a movie for the evening. Later that night Gabe said “tonight is the first night I felt like we were coming HOME. “

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