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Small Reports: Haiti DAY 4

By Ian Garrett on February 9, 2012

I’m still texting small reports. Hopefully I will find internet connection soon. What first started out as Gabe and I working out has become a class we are teaching every day. The result is Gabe and I have to practice our Kenpo on the roof or everyone begins to gather and ask us to teach.

There is a great feeling of collaboration that is beginning to take root. Our day is split between being a teacher and student. Whether it be learning creol, dice or having any one of the thousand things we don’t understand throughout the day explained there is always something new to learn. Water has been the hardest thing to adapt to so far. Buckets are filled from a VERY slow dripping faucet and carried back to the house about a half mile. Happily, Desiree hopes to have running water by mid-March.

I have turned my attention to building furniture for the upstairs rooms at the school. I hope to build large shelves from wood and nails, but have begun building smaller pieces from palms and found items.

In other news, I bought a goat yesterday and named him Tasty. Gabe and I have high hopes he will live up to his name.

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