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Plastic Trees & Newspaper Designs

By caitlin on February 27, 2012

We are starting to work on what will be a show during the official Indy Convergence-Haiti project in April. We’re looking to create a set that is similar to our first Convergence in 2008 that featured a newspaper landscape. The theme in Haiti is going to be something like “Garbage comes to life”. We are building a tree out of all plastic with the idea that nature doesn’t know how to react to the vast amounts of it everywhere around us. We also wanted to touch on the idea that the plastic will be here long after we’re gone- so how can we make it beautiful?

We’re making large puppets with artists here and planning on having puppets and musicians on stage throughout our show we create in April. It’s all slowlycoming together. I can’t wait to get back to show all the photos I’ve been taking while here in Jacmel.

I return Friday and can’t believe this month is flying by. Gabe will stay at Saka-La-Ka-Wel and keep preparing for the Convergence and teaching at the school. I know I’ll be ready to come back in April. I’m really starting to love it here.


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