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Indy Convergence Haiti Underway!

By Ian Garrett on April 21, 2012

Hey Everyone! We made it. This is the first time we’ve been able to get internet.

Things here are going great. With Desiree’s expert teaching and translation skills Michael and Caitline just finished choreographing a dance with some girls that live in the neighborhood. They’ll be balancing water buckets on their heads the whole time- yes filled with water. What these little kids can do is truly amazing.

Wednesday the kids in the dojo had an exam and ten kids passed. They recieved their brand new gi’s dontated by the Shaolin American Dojo in North Hollywood on Friday. They were so incredibly excited and walked out with a new swagger and pride.

Sa-K-La-K-Wel was just on the radio today. They announced our show that will be on Wednesday. So far we have the bucket dance, kids doing sword forms, a Haiti “first impressions” piece, a duet, roof dance, and song prepared for the show. Every day someone new walks into the locale to show us some hidden talent. Yesterday it was a trumpet player who returned again today to invite us to his wedding.

Sorry we know this is all jumbled. We’re just afraid the internet will go out again, that’s been the down side, it’s already stopped and started again about 8 times since trying to send this. Can’t attach photos this time- taking way too long and light is fading.

Can’t wait to tell you all more!


One thought on “Indy Convergence Haiti Underway!

  1. Colleen Laliberte says:

    It sounds like an amazing adventure! I am looking forward to getting the entire story when everyone returns! Love to Zach and Lys!!

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