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Indy Convergence Flash Blog: Day 2

By cindy on May 9, 2012


Yesterday was a very long day, advancing towards the hardest parts for me: the dance-heavy umbrella project and my own first rehearsal.

Michael Velez begins work on the Umbrella Project 2012

We began with pilates, taught by the Managing Director Caitlin Negron. The last time I did pilates was at least year’s Convergence, and I forgot how much I enjoy it. Something about it, possibly the focus, makes it easier for me to comprehend. It was a hard, thorough and invigorating workout.

We then started again with our daily ‘check-in’ process. This is the time that any housekeeping and announcements are given, and we move around the group with everyone just saying where they’re at in that very moment. We can say anything we want, express anything we want, and I usually ramble on and on without purpose. Everyone expressed excitement at the various projects, and for some reason the whole group ‘converged’ sooner rather than later this year. There was also extensive discussion of our various comfort zones and where they are already being stretched.

(And I just got distracted by Day 3 choreography directions about how to shape your booty. Noted for Day 3’s Flash Blog!)

We have a great new addition to this year’s Convergence: Lysandra Petersson, our official documentary director. Her comfort zone is behind her camera, and it’s fun to see her in projects, joining into the improvs – it’s always a great adrenaline jump for everyone when Zach literally takes her camera out of her hands and she jumps into the fray.

Then we broke into two rehearsals: Tauris (Sarah Moon’s side project) and Remembrances (Leila’s finger puppet project that only rehearses with Zack and his multi-talented hands). I was in Tauris, and have to say that Sarah took a fascinating concept and turned it into a science fiction adaptation of Iphigenia in Tauris. I got to read Iphigenia, flirt with a robot, have an unhealthy obsession with spooning my brother Orrin (Orestes), then slowly fall in love with the Pylades character. She is a little confused and I love it. The whole concept is wonderful and I’m excited to play within Sarah’s world, wherever I land (casting is not set yet).

Ian Garrett teaches us the anatomy of a lighting instrument. Zack waits to train one-on-one.

This year Ian Garrett, Resident Designer, wanted to give a Stagecraft 101 lesson. Every year everyone is expected to help with tech in some way, and this is a chance to review or train dancers, writers, actors, musicians in tying a strong knot on the grid as well as hanging a light. It was a lot of fun and a very smart addition to the year.

Then my absolute favorite game was introduced by Michael Velez in preparation for his umbrella project: Big Booty. I actually leaped into the air with excitement when he announced we were doing it. I’ll explain a lot more later or see if we got video of it, because it’s hard to explain the game. But it’s fun, demanding, and all thanks to four young girls Michael saw playing on the streets of San Francisco one day.

Dinner break and leaping into the Umbrella Project. Since he work-shopped it as a side project last year, Michael has a lot of great insight into what last year was pure instinct on the story to tell. Much more on that later, but introducing the newbies to the whole concept of a choose your own adventure through health care reform took the full three hours.

And from 9:30-11pm I had my first rehearsal. I’m learning a lot about the story: what is compelling, what is unnecessary, what was a good writer’s exercise but doesn’t jump off the page. One of the more interesting aspects to the story is how people react when I use the title as hashtag on Twitter: #FatimaQuest .Two people leaped into the discussion with their own relationship to the story of Fatima. I love it and there is much more to come.

On to Day 3!

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