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Indy Convergence Flash Blog: Day 8

By cindy on May 15, 2012

We skipped Day 7 because it was a day off, but I couldn’t resist and we have a little sample of Sunday here.

Day 8 was very emotional for me. Besides just the stress of being in the middle of these two weeks plus getting sick, I realized that every piece in which I perform resonates with me deeply. That makes it pretty crazy while jumping from one rehearsal to another. Last week on Facebook I made a point to express my gratitude for all of the actors I know and the great work that they do. I don’t perform often – usually only while I’m here – so I am reminded of how incredible the work they do all the time is.

Add to the mix how my body isn’t used to movement 8-12 hours/day, and project topics ranging from:

  • Health care reform
  • family
  • environmental decay
  • the Virgin Mary
and just a whole lot more. That’s about all I can say about yesterday, except that everyone made my day so much brighter with hugs and “being there” if I needed to talk and even Cracker Jacks (thanks Tina)!
I leave you with this awesome picture from one of our workshops

Michael Velez & Tina Chancy rock out together



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