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Indy Convergence Flash Blog: Days 3-5

By cindy on May 11, 2012

So this happens once in a while. Long days at the Indy Convergence blur, we get caught up in life, new friends and the work, and things like blogging fall to the wayside. I am back with a vengeance, though!

As opposed to a recap of everything that happened in the last 72 hours, I’d like to express how incredibly varied and inspiring this experience is. Whether movement with Michael Velez, Kenpo with Robert or Roberta taking us through intense stretches this morning, beginning each day this way puts each artist into a very specific head-space. It depends on where we are in our process and our life, and how dropping everything in our lives to spend two weeks here affects our bodies and our minds.

For me, the morning warm-ups immediately place me into a space of openness, acceptance and freedom. Everyone understands there may be limitations and we challenge ourselves while allowing adjustments. After his own warm-up on Wednesday, Michael said something very meaningful to me. He said he could see my third eye opening, and my body (not typically accepting of intensive movement) much more open than I felt last year. “It’s got gook in it,” he continued, “but your third eye is there, and open and watching.” (paraphrase, really)

Through these last two days, especially my extremely challenging Thursday, his words meant a lot. Every morning I consider whether my body can handle the work-out posed to me, and every morning I wipe the sleep snot out of my third eye and do the best I can.

The best part about this scenario is that people notice.

That particular day, even the city of Indianapolis seemed to notice. As we left our home at the Wheeler Arts Center to drive to Ian Garrett’s Sustainability in Theater Lecture (hosted by the Phoenix Theatre), my car buddies and I were greeted by this sky:

And really, what can be better?

These last few days we’ve had first rehearsals, second rehearsals, begun discussions about tech, and shared our own individual styles and techniques with each other. I”m sure the next few days hold surprises and discoveries, and hope to see you at our Open Lab Performance on Friday, May 18th!

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