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William Landsman reflects on his time at IC

By caitlin on November 11, 2012

William with Kersti Bryan in Suzanne Karpinski’s “Everyman” at the Open Lab Performance in 2009.

We were lucky to have William Landsman with us during the 2009 Indy Convergence. Since then he’s traveled all over the world creating his own work, teaching and working with Universal Studio’s productions of “How to Train a Dragon” and “Shrek”. He currently splits his time between Los Angeles and his farm in South Dakota. William wrote down some of his thoughts about his time at Indy Convergence and how it influenced his work. Find out more about William at

“The great thing about Indy Convergence is that as an actor I got to experience different creative disciplines that I normally don’t have access, courage, finances, or the time to take advantage of. Being encouraged to take part in everything from dance, drums, opera, and poetry helped me to flex different artistic muscles that on a day to day basis as an actor in LA I don’t use. After leaving the Indy Con I felt like the choices I made in auditions were stronger and more exciting. We talk about finding time to fill the “creative well”, the Indy Convergence certainly did that for me. If you are a singer, pick up a kazoo, if you are a dancer work on a monologue. It is interesting what you learn about yourself and how it can strengthen your chosen artist discipline when you try another art form.”

-William Landsman

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