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Artist Profile: Sara Yanney-Chantanasombut

By caitlin on March 25, 2013

 Meet Sara

Sara will be joining us for her first Indy Convergence this year! It’s always exciting to have new folks join us- it’s what keeps the work fresh and invigorating. We can’t wait to see what this incredibly talented dancer/choreographer creates this year.

Photo by Tyler Sarkis

Photo by Tyler Sarkis

What will you be working on at IC this year?
When teaching dance history, I’ve noticed how we very clearly define gender roles, expectations, and stereotypes in all styles of dance across the globe.  Even though we are at a point in human history where we are more open to people being who they are outside of typical gender stereotypes, we still cling to them in many ways.  In modern dance, women can roll on the floor and lift other women or men, but if you look at the dance we see on TV, such as So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars, you can see we are comfortable with boy/girl duets and for the most part, traditional partnering where the man leads and does the lifting.  These stereotypes also go both ways.  Why is it acceptable for a woman to wear structured mens clothing, but it’s outrageous and hilarious to put a man in a dress?  These are all ideas I am exploring with this piece.  I have started working on it and I look forward to the opportunity to continue developing the piece in collaboration with other artists.

What attracted to you Indy Convergence?
Although at where I teach at Ball State University and Anderson University, we have artists from many different mediums, we are often to wrapped up in our own departments and projects that even though we have intentions of collaborating, it rarely happens.  I always find the collaborative process rewarding because the art that can be created is a combination voices, creating something that would not have come to life if those artists worked on their own.  I am excited to have time to merge my ideas with those of other artists and see what magic happens!

Where are you from and what is your “artisitc” background?
I live in Anderson, IN and am a Modern/Contemporary dancer, choreographer, and educator.  Currently I am an adjunct dance faculty member at Ball State University and Anderson University and am pursuing my MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Last summer I founded =librium Dance Project, and serve as the company’s artistic director.  I’ve had the pleasure of performing with Bill Evans Dance Company, Blue Tribe African Dance Company, Blythe Edens Dance Company, The New Mexico Contemporary Dance Alliance, Motus Dance Theatre, and SMAG Dance Collective.  I also am the founder/director of Jump Into Motion Dance Academy, which offers affordable dance and movement education to children at their schools and day cares.


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