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Artist Profile: Christina Feinberg

By caitlin on May 6, 2013

Meet Christina!320774_10100499651850515_3415750_54173372_925623822_n

Christina will be joining Indy Convergence for her second year. At her first Convergence she charmed everyone with her whimsical puppet piece, challenged us in her aerial class and brought an infallible positivity to the theater every day. Don’t miss her aerial workshop on Saturday May 25 and brand new puppet piece at the Open Lab on June 1.

What will you be working on this year?
This year, I’ll be working on building a micro-puppet, that’s kind of a cross between a marionette and a bunraku puppet. I think puppets are some of the original old school theatre magic. Finding ways to re-invent them keeps the magic alive. My goal is for this puppet to be so articulate that it counteracts its size and creates a great, big, awesome presence!

I’ll also be working on an aerial silks act with Executive Director, Caitlin Negron. I’m attracted to aerial silks for much of the same reasons that I am attracted to puppetry! It’s a low-tech and high-awesome way to create a visual feast on stage!  I am eager to explore how our styles can work together and against each other to create a really compelling piece!

What attracted you to Indy Convergence?
I was attracted to the opportunity that Indy Convergence presents to its participants. It’s like someone jumped out of the sky and said, “Hey, what do you really want to do? I’ll get you everything you need to make it happen.” Not only that, but the access to other artists who can inspire, inform and support your process is just invaluable. It’s the perfect community of artists who just want to create something and the kind of willingness that everyone brings to the table is magical. I’ll take any chance I can get to be in that kind of a room. It’s where new ideas are born and we can all let our guards down to do what we do best.

Where are you from and what is your background?
I live with my husband and our three dogs in Los Angeles, CA. I am an actor, a puppeteer, an aerialist, a physical theatre artist and a teacher. That may seem like a lot of things, but they all connect really nicely so far! I am working at the Skirball Cultural Center as a storyteller, puppeteer and educator for School Programs. I am passionate about arts education and that tends to be the umbrella that all of my talents fall under. Sharing puppetry, theatre and movement with students is a priceless experience. I don’t think I could be an artist without being a teacher, and I don’t think I could be a teacher without being an artist.

Anything else?
I cannot wait!

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