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Why apply to Indy Convergence?

By caitlin on September 16, 2013

We’re often asked by artists why they should apply or want to come to Indy Convergence.  Just this week we received a note from one of our alums who summed up the IC experience far better than we could, so we thought we would let her do the talking.

Leila working on a new puppet with Ashley in 2012.

Leila working on a new puppet with Ashley in 2012.

Leila Ghaznavi is an accomplished puppeter, actress, and producer who was a part of our fifth IC in 2012. Her project Beyond the Light has been accepted to several festivals around the country and is now a full length production that premiered last week at the Philly Fringe Festival.

Leila writes, “…here’s the full review for Beyond the Light. 

There’s a line in the review about a puppet made out of a glove and groucho marx glasses. I just want to say thanks to the Convergence because that puppet was a found object puppet at the Convergence. I went to the art supply corner pulled random things from the bin to work on my piece and one thing I pulled out was a groucho marx glasses and nose. From that little find I’ve created a short that’s toured the country and now a full length piece where that character stands out.

Having the space to discover the unplanned and unexpected is so important. And having at your disposal a chaotic array of textures, fabrics and objects is the springboard for creativity.

I could not have done it with out you!”

You can follow Leila and Beyond the Light  as it continues to grow here.

Apply to Indy Convergence today through December 6, 2013. Questions? Email

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