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Meet Barry Morse

By caitlin on March 10, 2015

Barry joins us from Champange-Urbana, Illinois by way of Maine this year. We’re thrilled to so many BRMORSEmusicians this year and are excited to see what they develop together. Here’s what Barry had to say about his work and Indy Convergence. Meet Barry this May in Indianapolis.

“Hi, I’m Barry Morse. I’m from Maine but am living in Urbana, Illinois finishing my doctorate in music composition at the University of Illinois. In addition to being a composer I’m a free improvisor in live electro-acoustic music and I’ll be bringing many of my toys to the Convergence. This year at Indy Convergence I’ll be participating in Ellen Denham’s project and am looking forward to assisting other artists in their projects if needed. I will be leading a workshop in what I am calling “Indeterminate Heterophonic Sound Mass Composition” (what?!) in which everyone (all ages and non-musicians especially welcome) will compose, notate and perform complex soundscapes from simple ideas. It’ll be a blast! I’m looking forward to collaborating with everyone! See you at Indy Convergence!”

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