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Meet Macey Mott

By caitlin on March 2, 2015

Macey will join Indy Convergence for her first time this May in Indianapolis. She will work on a Side Project called the Bogeyman project that her theatre company, RiotAct, Inc., created a few years ago.  It is a collaborative dance/theatre project that uses the talents of musicians and visual artists. She will work with dancers, actors, musicians and a costume designer! Macey joins us from Jackson, Wyoming and we can’t wait to meet her. Here’s what she had to say about her work, her project and what she hopes to gain from IC this year. See her on May 30 at Grove Haus!

What will you work on or teach at The Indy Convergence?
In 2009/2010, some artistic friends and I decided to create a performance piece that included many different artistic disciplines.  A core 4 of us, Micheline Auger, Heather Best, Margaret Breffeilh, and I, including a playwright, dancers, and actors began to put it together.   Starting from scratch, we brainstormed and researched many ideas and settled on the idea of the Bogeyman which is where our project started.  We rehearsed for several months bringing in other performers to a cast of 6 plus our playwright who also sort of served as a director.  The piece was super collaborative.  We came up with ideas in rehearsal and Micheline would transfer them to the page.  As a show started to form and rehearsals became more structured, we worked with costume designers and a visual artist to create costumes and masks.  We ultimately did one performance in Jackson and took the show on the road to Salt Lake City.  All of us feel the project always a work in progress and never completed.  However life go in the way and we put The Bogeyman on the shelf.I’ve always wanted to explore the world we created more.  Micheline did a rewrite after our Salt Lake adventure, but we never really continued work on it.  So I plan on bringing The Bogeyman or it’s newest title The Metaphysical There to Where You’re Heading to the Convergence.  I hope to work with people who want to move their bodies, vocalize the characters, and stretch their imaginations.What attracted you to Indy Convergence?
I decided to attend some workshops and additional training this year to broaden my artistic horizons, reinvigorate my creative nature, and find new inspiration to use in my creative community at home.  In talking to my friend Alice Bever about my plans, she told me about her experience at the Indy Convergence and urged me to apply and attend.  I’m excited to work with other performance artists of multiple disciplines.Why do you do what you do?

Creativity is in my soul.  I need it like I need food or breath.  I can’t imagine not having art as part of my life.  I love the process and the collaboration.

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