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Meet Rebecca Pappas

By caitlin on March 25, 2015

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca will join Indy Convergence for the first time this May. She’s a dancer, choreographer and professor at Ball State University. Rebecca joined us for Create 24 in January, and we’re looking forward to working with her again this spring. Check out what she has to say about her work and what she’ll be creating with IC.


How do you describe your work?
I make dances that are messy, complicated, surprising, absurd, and sometimes grotesque. I use choreography to ask and answer questions, and have an abiding interest in bodily pasts. I use dance as a tool to excavate and understand personal and social memories. I am committed to the physical labor of movement creation, and to bodies as ever transforming vessels for meaning.
What will you work on or teach at The Indy Convergence?
As part of Indy Convergence I will begin work on my project Parade2017. Parade2017 is a series of microinterventions that use the physical structure of the parade and its unifying public function as a jumping off point for making new, publicly engaged, movement art works. Parade2017 is informed by the public display of civic pride and personal histories that make up a parade, the metaphor of constant forward motion, and the history of Parade (1917) a collaborative ballet created by Massine, Picasso, Satie, and Cocteau for the Ballet Russes. Parade2017 will be a series of pieces, both large and small in scope performed with, in, and for public and private spaces. The first iteration of Parade2017Ten Times Round – will premiere as part of Big Car’s Circle Spark Monument Circle later this summer.
What attracted you to Indy Convergence?
I am new in town and so excited to meet and collaborate with artists from Indianapolis. I love the city and creating art here makes it feel like home.
Why do you do what you do?
To me, dance is how we come to understand ourselves. I love that dance helps us to know what our bodies are, what they can do, and what they mean.

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