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Joshua is back!

By caitlin on April 2, 2015

Joshua Morris is an Indy Convergence veteran returning for his seventh Indy Convergence in Indianapolis. He josh and instrumentbrings a unique skill set and is one of our most supportive artists we work with. Read on to learn more about his work and what’s next.

How do you describe your work?
I am a composer and musician, I like to work at the boundary of sound and motion to create a music that must be seen and dance that must be heard.
What will you work on or teach at The Indy Convergence?
I’ll teach a workshop aimed at artists on using technology for music and sound in performance projects.
What attracted you to Indy Convergence?
Indy Convergence is a great opportunity to get new projects and ideas off the ground, to try them out in a laboratory setting with a diverse set of artists who can add valuable insights and contributions.
Why do you do what you do?
I simply strive to create something I find beautiful, and hope to communicate some of that to an audience.

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