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Meet Raechel

By caitlin on April 7, 2015

Raechel Kula will join us for her first Indy Convergence at our Toronto residency. She is an incredibly smart, talented artist who can do it all. Read more about Raechel below and see her in action during our Toronto Indy Convergence this April.

How do you describe your work?
I am committed to working collaboratively and very flexible in the roles I play based on the needs of each group or organization.  I’ve done projection and costume design, hung lights, sung, danced, acted, written software, collected donations, swept floors and everything in between.
What will you work on or teach at The Indy Convergence?
My presentation is an instructional session on using mobile technology (iPads, tablets, smartphones) and cloud computing to distribute electronic program information and create and manage email lists.
What attracted you to Indy Convergence?
The Toronto location was very attractive, but the most enticing aspect of the conference is the chance to collaborate with and learn from a variety of other artists.
Why do you do what you do?
I recently left a career in IT to return to my passion for theatre.  The unique impact of the stories that we are able to tell through live performance is so important to preserving our connection to each other in today’s digital world!  I also love the energy and honesty that artists share while working together on a project.

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