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Kim Milfort, new board president

By caitlin on August 12, 2018

Meet Kim Milfort. We’re thrilled to have her as our new board president and can’t wait for you to meet her. Here’s a little bit more about her.

Kim Milfort is a Haitian American Indy resident who loves and stewards art in all its forms, as well as its practitioners. She values restoration of inherent strength and beauty in both people and spaces, and is committed to participating in the innovation happening in both US andHaitian communities, inviting in those who are interested in converging to practice art and community in healthy ways.

After graduating from Purdue with a Creative Writing degree, she blended her passion with her professional endeavors to let both worlds inform and augment one another. Inspired by a challenge, she has served at many levels from the Executive capacity as CFO for a nationwide telecom engineering firm, to an individual contributor in the tech industry as a Digital Marketing Consultant. Inspired by collaboration, she has dreamed up local events like pop-up galleries and mixed media arts festivals, creating sponsorship structures for local events to partner with Haitian organizations and help them bring solar power to arts and education programs in Jacmel. In the past she has served as the right hand to the Board President of the Radio Club of America and was a CASA with Child Advocates for three years.

Kim with artists from Jacmel Arts Center at Salesforce in May

Most recently, she served with a Black employee network at the world’s most innovative tech company as part of their Board of Directors where she orchestrated over 1000 volunteer hours for STEM Education in Indianapolis in 2017.

On a Sunday afternoon, she can be found reading at a park, neglecting her blog, listening to a CD she bought outside a gas station, or cooking Sunday dinner with friends and family

One thought on “Kim Milfort, new board president

  1. Good afternoon Ms. Milfort
    Haitian Network Group of Detroit would like to invite you and Indy Convergence to the third edition of Bèl Bagay Lakay Haitian Art & Craft Festival on July 27 and 28, 2919 in Farmington, Michigan. We are also hoping that you can help us identify Haitian artists that would be interested to participate as exhibitors in the Bèl Bagay Lakay Festival. Please see the attached flier.
    Feel free to visit our website to see how we have been keeping the Haitian culture alive in Southeastern Michigan:
    We hope to welcome you to Bèl Bagay Lakay!
    Warmest Regards,
    Margareth Corkery
    President, Haitian Network Group of Detroit

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