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AK Murtadha and the 2019 Residency

By caitlin on November 30, 2018

Meet AK Murtadha

AK is an accomplished TV, film, and stage actor who’s worked all over the United States and we’re pleased to announce he will direct the Umbrella Project at this year’s Convergence Residency. Originally from Washington D.C., AK trained at Indiana University, Howard University, and University of California San Diego.  Indy Convergence is incredibly lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful artist working with us this year. Check out his amazing project below and make a tax deductible donation today to support AK and the 2019 Convergence Residency.

The American Muslim Project

Two Muslim American artists journey around the country talking to American Muslims and Non-Muslims and turn the interviews into an interactive multimedia documentary play that discusses Islam’s American values, examines current events in America that have caused divisions and created solidarity between us all, explores the personal practices that unite us, and sheds light on the cultural issues that knit our communities together.

The program will view the personal journeys of two African American Muslim artists – Abdul Khaliq Murtadha (actor, writer, and producer) and Abdul-Malik Fuller (filmmaker) – as they interview family, friends, and American Islamic scholars and public figures. Their study of the Muslim communities in America will parallel their own personal upbringing as they reflect on their understanding of Islam’s unifying commandments, dividing innovations, and shared commonalities between sects. Their personal statement is as follows: “As men who have grown up in the U.S. following this faith, we found it necessary to set out on a journey to explore its status in our country. In order to look at where we are going, we have to look at where we’ve been. We’re talking about the practices that unite us, the issues that have caused so many divisions in understanding the truth, and the falsehoods that undermine Islam as the fastest growing religion in the world.”

At Indy Convergence, AK will explore the translation of documentary interviews to a script for stage. Participants will work closely with AK to find key moments in the interviews, assist with preliminary staging, and explore this timely and important topics across multiple disciplines.

Donate today to see AK’s work come to life, then see the progress he’s made June 14 at Indy Convergence’s Open Lab Performance. Thank you for your support. Without you, we couldn’t bring incredible projects like this to Indianapolis.

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