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Main Promotional Logo The Indy Convergence connects and empowers professional artists of all disciplines through meaningful residencies where artists create new work, collaborate across genres and teach community workshops. We are 'Artists at Work'.

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Community Workshops

Indy Convergence will soon be offering workshops year round in our new home at 2611 West Michigan Street. Please check back for more information on community workshops and events!

Previous Workshops Included:

Music Technology: Intro to DAWs and DIY audio
Ever get stuck in a project because you don’t know how to do “that” thing for a project?  In this workshop, New York based artist Joshua Morris will help participants through some of the software available that is useful for performance with programs such as audacity, Ardour, protools, and Csound. Participants will create a few simple projects and explore some of the advanced features that these programs can offer. (Highly recommended that participants bring a computer and install Audacity, Ardour and Csound prior to the workshop) This workshop is especially great for designers, musicians and self-producers.

Shakespeare and Stage Combat
Participants will learn how to scan the iambic pentameter in Shakespeare’s verse to understand how to locate and perform the emotion written into Shakespeare’s text. Participants will also learn basic stage combat techniques and put them together to perform a Shakespeare fight scene. Great for actors and performers and all lovers of Shakespeare. Maine-based director/actor Andrew Simon will teach this workshop.

A Physical Utterance
Peiyi Wong  will ask participants how do words, their sound, content, tonality, and organization evoke space, composition, materials, light, color, objects, movement, and ultimately meaning? Participants will share poems and other writings then break into smaller groups  to create an installation or piece of performance. Participants will be asked to consider the specific site of the installation or performance, and how we are meant to view / discover / engage with it. This workshop is perfect for theater students, performance artists of all genres, and those interested in site specific work.

Make your own mustache!
In this workshop LA and Indiana based make-up artist Anna Bratton will teach participants how to artfully create special effects make-up for the screen or stage (or costume party). Join us for a fun evening and prepare to leave looking a little different than when you came in. Participants will be applying make-up to their faces- please let us know if advance if you have any allergies.

Contact and Contemplation
Dive into creative processing through the practice of contact improvisation with choreographer, improviser, and educator Stephanie Nugent. This workshop is suitable for anyone, regardless of experience in contact improvisation, and is designed to offer participants tools to enhance his/her creative process. Particular explorations include ‘tuning in’, where participants learn to create a heightened sensorial state; “connecting to the environment”, a practice in expanding one’s sensory attention to include external elements such as earth and air; “ensemble awareness”, exercises designed to facilitate kinetic listening and responding to fellow dancers; and “contact dancing”, practical tools for attending to one’s physical body, as he/she moves in concert and communication with one or more other bodies, and the laws which govern them, gravity, momentum, inertia, etc..

The workshop will include dancing, observing, and reflecting with others. Please wear layers for warmth and comfort. Bring water, and knee pads if you own them.

The landscape of aid in Haiti: Why artists are essential in creating lasting change
Artistic Director Robert Negron will lead a thoughtful discussion on how artists can be catalysts for lasting change in third-world countries. Drawing on his experience in Haiti, Robert will walk participants through his personal discoveries and invite their thoughts and suggestions on aid work. Robert also serves as the programs liason for Sa-K-La-K-Wel a community center near Jacmel, Haiti. This March he will lead the first stage of a building project utilizing Earthship Biotechture techniques to create a fully sustainable building for arts and community events at Sa-K-La-K-Wel. All barter items will support Sa-K-La-K-Wel and their arts programs.

Yes, you can sing
This workshop will walk participants through a vocal warm-up class incorporating breathing techniques and posture work. During this workshop, everyone will learn how to properly warm-up the voice before singing. The workshop will culminate with the entire group singing a familiar song utilizing their new-found voices and vocal techniques.  Perfect for anyone who sings or speaks in public or who would like to! Singer Sarah O’Brien will gracefully lead participants through this workshop.

Contact if you have any questions.