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In April of 2012, The Indy Convergence joined forces with a new community center just outside Jacmel, Haiti. The community center is now finding it’s legs within the community of Oban and supports programs in Art, Dance, Music, English, Karate and has a soccer team. The Indy Convergence has developed a deep and close relationship with Sa-K-La-K-Wel and provides visiting teacher positions for Indy Convergence alums year round.

The Indy Convergence will also hold an annual “Indy Convergence-Haiti” event where we do what we do best-  bring together a carefully chosen group of local and outside artists to collaborate, teach and learn from one another.

In spring of 2014, a new chapter a Sa-K-La-K-Wel began. Volunteers from the community of Oban, other towns in Haiti and from around the world worked together to begin construction on a new community center. The center is using Earthship Biotechture building techniques and when finished will be the first Earthship theater and community center in the world. This type of building will collect all of its water from rain, recycle water, generate electricity and grow its own food. We believe that Earthships are a responsible, sustainable way to support communities in need around the world and here in the US. To find out more visit and the Earthship website.


Share the Sa-K-La-K-Wel and Earthship Haiti link. You can also donate to Indy Convergence so that we continue to help artists at our residencies here in Indianapolis prepare for participation in our international programs.

PLEASE NOTE: This unique opportunity is open to previous Indy Convergence Participants only. If you would like to apply for Indy Convergence that is held in Indianapolis please visit our participant and application pages. We plan for our relationship with the community center in Haiti to be one that is long lasting and hold annual Convergences at the Sa-K-La-K-Wel locale.

Artists will be involved multiple projects that reflect the needs of the community and the ongoing classes at SLW. Participants will be selected based on their past participation in an Indy Convergence event, willingness and ability to work on arts and community based projects, the ability to financially support themselves while traveling in Haiti. Speaking French or Haitian Creole is not required, but very useful. We will have translators available at SLW, but may not have the ability to send them with participants on day-trips and outings. Indy Convergence will house all non-local artists at the Sa-K-La-K-Wel  locale and provide two meals a day. Materials will be provided to all artists both local and non-local for projects and workshops.


Email with questions and head to for more information.