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“The best life-changing, artist-affirming, experience, ever.” -Ellen Denham 2009, 2011, 2012 participant

We are thrilled that our residency will be back in 2022 in collaboration with The DaVinci Pursuit. This year’s residency is made possible by a generous grant from the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation.

DATES: April 27-May 6

APPLY HERE! Accepting applications through January 21*

Questions? email

*Due to the unknown trajectory of the pandemic and intensity of the residency, all participants must be fully vaccinated, provide a negative PCR test 72 hours before the first day of the residency, and a negative rapid test on the first day. Indy Convergence will provide rapid tests. We will also encourage (and provide) rapid tests throughout the residency for all participants.

Our Flagship Residency, Convergence

As a creator, you want agency, freedom of expression, and time. While these might seem like lofty ideals, what we understand is that these outcomes are the result of increased confidence. Although confidence can grow from praise and success, ultimately, the root of confidence is overcoming challenges.

The residency was imagined and designed to be an annual event to give artists time, space and materials to develop their own projects alongside their peers. This year we’re adding scientists into the mix. We feel that both scientists and artists understand what it means to truly explore an idea and practice what it means to collaborate. In 2022,  we’ll push our participants to think further outside their usual scope of work to consider the best ways to share research with the public, how to accurately and effectively incorporate research into artistic works, and how creativity can thrive in studios and labs. 

This program has been called “an artistic bootcamp.”  The days are long. You will feel tired and vulnerable. You might doubt your work one day, but make an incredible discovery the next. That’s why we’re here—for participants to explore, fail, and try again; to build relationships and keep creating.

Each residency has the following components:

  • Side Project: an in-process project. These projects have 8 hours of rehearsal and a small materials budget. 
  • Umbrella project: a project that incorporates contributions from every resident over 20 hours of rehearsal. Participants will work across disciplines. Choreographers might create costumes, while a researcher plays the drums and painters create visual work from environmental data. 
  • Workshop: most participants will teach a workshop in their area of expertise at an entry level. In 2022, some workshops will be part of The DaVinci Pursuit’s “Walks” or “Round Table” series. 
  • We begin each morning with a shared warm up and check-in. The warm-ups are taught as “all levels” classes and residents are encouraged to participate as fully as they are able. 

We believe that to create something new, something that reflects our communities, our times, and our dreams, sometimes you have to fail. You can fail here. But we know, and you know, that failure isn’t the final step. It’s one dysfunctional light bulb closer to the real, hairy thing.

What we provide

Indy Convergence provides the following for residency participants.

  • $1,200 Stipend
  • Travel stipend for out of town participants
  • Housing for out of town participants
  • Small stipend for Side Projects
  • Studio access
  • Daily warm-up classes
  • Access to over 150 previous residency participants
  • Opportunity to travel to our sister locations in London, Ontario or Jacmel, Haiti

How do we choose participants?

As Indy Convergence has grown so has the quantity and caliber of applicants. The selection process is based on balancing a few key elements:

  • Diversity of artistic discipline
  • Diversity of participants (gender, age, ability, ethnicity, race, economic status)
  • Accommodating the needs of the side project proposals we receive. For example: one year might need more actors or opera singers.
  • The unique ideas or talents that a particular applicant brings to the table
  • Keeping a balance of out of state and local artists

Indy Convergence is dedicated to creating a holistic, inclusive environment and welcomes applications from creators from all races, ethnicities, ages, national origins, abilities, socio-economic status, and gender identities. 


Phone: 310-990-1698

Social Media: Facebook and instagram @indyconvergence

Indy Convergence expects that all participants will be physically, emotionally, financially, and psychologically responsible for their own wellbeing while at our residency. Indy Convergence will gladly work with any participant to create reasonable accommodations to make the program accessible for all. Please bear in mind the staff are not licensed medical professionals and will be unable to assist participants who are working with conditions that require professional assistance. Please consider this when submitting your application and reach out to us at any time with questions.