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Main Promotional Logo The Indy Convergence connects and empowers professional artists of all disciplines through meaningful residencies where artists create new work, collaborate across genres and teach community workshops. We are 'Artists at Work'.

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About Indy Convergence


The Indy Convergence is a non-profit Indianapolis arts organization dedicated to the growth of artists.


The Indy Convergence is now located at 2611 W. Michigan Indianapolis, IN 46222. With support of a LISC Project Investment Loan and the Westside Community Development Corporation’s partnership we are currently renovating the building. Our building is at the epicenter of the Near West “Great Place” recently renamed, River West and is on the border between the Haughville and Hawthorne neighborhood. The neighborhood is incredibly diverse and has a sizable artist community that is close-knit and engaged with the community. We see our building as a meeting place for our neighbors, a new home for local artists, and a destination for Indianapolis citizens to experience high caliber art and performance.

We also collaborate with a community center in  in Oban, Haiti and with the theater department at York University in Toronto, Canada.


The Indy Convergence started between three artists while working at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2007. At the close of the season, the trio wanted to provide a safe place to create and experiment without fear of failure, to develop their teaching skills for a broader audience and to collaborate more successfully across disciplines. They decided to meet once a year to work on interdisciplinary projects. The idea was simple, half local, half out of town artists would “converge” on Indianapolis for two weeks. The Indy Convergence developed a special way of taking artistic projects to their next step by fostering an immersive, collaborative, process driven environment that allows artists to experiment freely with no pressure to produce polished projects.


The Indy Convergence strives to empower and connect artists and communities from all backgrounds to each other in an inclusive, collaborative environment. We believe in the power of artists as creatives, teachers, citizens and storytellers who can help shape our communities alongside residents to develop meaningful change. Our programs from professional development intensives to community engagement projects put “Artists at Work” to their fullest potential.


Our Signature Program: “Convergence”

The Convergence is an interdisciplinary arts incubator where creators work in community to facilitate one another’s vision. Each resident brings with them an in-process “side project” and is given 8 hours of rehearsal time and a small budget to develop their work using the skills of the group. IC also sponsors a larger “umbrella project” that incorporates contributions from every resident over 20 hours of rehearsal. Typically residents work across disciplines, and choreographers might create costumes, while designers play the drums, and painters try their hand at dance. The chance to explore and exercise your creativity outside of your native form is a unique aspect of the IC model. All residents are present each day as the space becomes an accelerator for creation. We begin each morning with a shared warm up and check-in, followed by workshops, and rehearsals. By dedicating yourself to being a contributor as well as a creator your own process will flourish. The residency culminates with an informal Open Lab Performance of the Side and Umbrella projects.

There is no fee to attend a Convergence, however there is a non-refundable $20 application fee.

Over a two week period each artist:

  • Participates in one wholly collaborative “Umbrella Project” around a predetermined work or theme
  • Develops their own “Side Project” and participates in rehearsals for other Side Projects
  • Teaches at least one “Workshop” in their field of expertise at an introductory level
  • Participates in a culminating presentation where work is shared in an open lab environment