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Main Promotional Logo The Indy Convergence connects and empowers professional artists of all disciplines through meaningful residencies where artists create new work, collaborate across genres and teach community workshops. We are 'Artists at Work'.

Upcoming Events

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Our calendar is subject to frequent changes. Please email or call 310-990-1698 if you notice something had changed or you want to be sure you will arrive at the correct time.
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About Indy Convergence

Our Work

We want to make Indianapolis a greater part of the national conversation on the arts by living our four tenets: Collaborate. Learn. Share. & Teach. These ideas aren’t abstractions for us because we believe art is a tool for bringing artists and communities together as a harbinger of change. 

Here’s a little insight into how we spend our time:

  • Hanging local art in our gallery.
  • Throwing block parties for our neighbors.
  • Teaching creative workshops.
  • Hosting artists from across the globe for our annual residency.
  • Building relationships between local business owners.
  • & Providing community flex space.

The beauty is: if you dream it, we’ll try to help you do it.

How it all began

The Indy Convergence started between three artists while working at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2007. At the close of the season, the trio wanted to provide a safe place to create and experiment without fear of failure, to develop their teaching skills for a broader audience and to collaborate more successfully across disciplines. They decided to meet once a year to work on interdisciplinary projects. The idea was simple, half local, half out of town artists would “converge” on Indianapolis for two weeks. The Indy Convergence developed a special way of taking artistic projects to their next step by fostering an immersive, collaborative, process driven environment that allows artists to experiment freely with no pressure to produce polished projects.


The Indy Convergence strives to embolden and connect artists and communities from all backgrounds to each other in an inclusive, collaborative environment. We believe in the power of artists as creatives, teachers, citizens and storytellers who can help shape our communities alongside residents to develop lasting change. Our programs from professional development intensives to community engagement projects put “Artists at Work” to their fullest potential.